ICE NINE KILLS put their bloody fingerprints all over THE SILVER SCREAM CONVENTION, a brand-new weekend of macabre celebration for genre fiends set in the band’s home state of Massachusetts. The band Kerrang! calls “horrorcore icons” pay homage to the celluloid classics that first possessed singer Spencer Charnas as a kid on their No. 1 Billboard Hard Rock albums The Silver Scream and The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood. In 2022, that demented love blossoms into an INK-curated horror convention! At the first-ever SILVER SCREAM CON, movie lovers, casual fans, and INK’s beloved “psychos” will chop it up in August with the stars of legendary horror franchises, including meet-and-greets, photo-ops, cosplay, an INK concert, and MANY MORE surprises. “The Silver Scream Con will bring horror fanatics and INK fans from all over the world together to celebrate their love of on-screen slaughter”, Spencer promises. “This is the chance for our loyal psychos to not only interact with the band, but to meet the stars of the very films that our music pays tribute to.”

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